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Congratulations on making a great decision, and welcome to Cardiff School of Business. On this page you'll find the process you need to register and purchase the first course for your chosen. How much will your programme cost? Check our program tuition fees.

The Application Process

    Students’ submission documents:

    In this step we received your below official documents

  • Copy of academic document “University degree”
  • Copy of Resume
  • Copy of Passport of National ID
  • Letter of experience
  1. Document’s review & Acceptance letter.
  2. Our admission team will responsible for review your official email attached with you acceptance letter for the request program of study.
  3. Submit Application & tuition fees.
  4. Filling our application and send it back to our admission team with copy of tuition transfer Registration letter & Student account.
  5. Our admission team will send you your student account credential include your program of study & registration letter.
  6. Assignee to the upcoming semester.
  7. Receiving email with program schedule from our admission team.

    When you apply:

  • Summer intake
  • Winter Intake
  • Autumn Intake
  • Spring Intake

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents submission through the online method can be mailed to: Admission@cardiffsb.uk