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We are delighted to welcome you to this introduction to Cardiff School of Business CSB UK.

Our Story

Cardiff School of Business, UK, is an independent College founded by senior academics and educational pioneers in UK & Middle East. With our experience in helping establish the MBA programme and Business diplomas in a lot of Business Colleges, it specializes in MBA programmes, and in Executive Education. Our entity and network of associate fellows have worked with 500 companies and international governments to deliver massive transformation in leadership, company culture and international strategy and vision.

We are deeply committed to bringing about change in the world through professional learning. Our school are addressing the key career challenge facing Generation Y and Millenials: how can they stand out from the competition?

Our special tracks in MBA is for many that key differentiator; our professors provide learners with that opportunity, and our students are clear examples of the success of blended learning. Our message has always been that blended learning is about you. Our students are part of our community, and our MBA fits around their lives and commitments. But most importantly, it gives them the clear practical advantage of reaching and exceeding their career goals.

We're incredibly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm being shown by those on our programmes. We are privileged to have some extraordinary talent studying with us, connecting to our community from all over the world, these are people who will change their world, and they inspire us on that journey. We hope that what you will read will inspire you to join our community.

Mission & Vision Statement

Faculty & Instructors

The professors who teach in the program include widely-published researchers, best-selling authors, and award-winning teachers. They are experts at merging theory and application to guide participants in the classroom and beyond. Using a blend of case studies, briefings, class discussions and experiential learning, your professors will create a classroom experience that is energized and exciting.

Faculty and instructors subject to change.