EMBA & Level 7 Diploma in Business Management

About Cardiff School of Business, UK

Is an independent College founded by senior academics and educational pioneers in UK. With our experience in helping establish the MBA programme and Business diplomas in a lot of Business Colleges, it specializes in MBA programmes, and in Executive Education. Our entity and network of associate fellows have worked with 500 companies and international governments to deliver massive transformation in leadership, company culture and international strategy and vision. We are deeply committed to bringing about change in the world through professional learning. Our school are addressing the key career challenge facing Generation Y and Millenials: how can they stand out from the competition? Our special tracks in MBA is for many that key differentiator; our professors provide learners with that opportunity, and our students are clear examples of the success of blended learning. Our message has always been that blended learning is about you. Our students are part of our community, and our MBA fits around their lives and commitments. But most importantly, it gives them the clear practical advantage of reaching and exceeding their career goals. We're incredibly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm being shown by those on our programmes. We are privileged to have some extraordinary talent studying with us, connecting to our community from all over the world, these are people who will change their world, and they inspire us on that journey. We hope that what you will read will inspire you to join our community.


The business world is more complex and the competitive challenges greater than ever before. To succeed in today’s global marketplace, you need more diverse skills, broader insights and the confidence that comes from knowing you are truly prepared to assume a critical leadership role. The MBA programme me at Cardiff School of Business can help you create the career possibilities you want. It’s a programme me designed to help prepare you to capitalize on the opportunities—and maximize your potential—in the next few years and for the rest of your professional life.

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Duration 1 year
COURSE FEE: £ 5000

You’re ready to take the next step in your career development. And you want to make the right choice in an MBA programme me . Students from a variety of backgrounds have found the MBA programme me at Cardiff School of Business offers the comprehensive and innovative business education they’re looking for. Through rigorous coursework and real-world experiences, you develop the management knowledge, analytical and problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities to blaze new trails in your career. You acquire a multidimensional perspective on the continually changing global business environment in which you must compete. And you gain the confidence of knowing you’re better prepared for the unknown challenges that lie ahead. You’re looking to fast track your career growth and can commit the time and resources to invest in going to school full-time. The Traditional MBA is designed to give you an intensive and personal learning experience—and the chance to focus your energies exclusively on preparing for your future.

•   International Marketing Strategy

•   Corporate Finance and Decision Making

•   Leadership, People and Change

•   Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

•   Strategic Management

•   Project Management

•   Human Resources

•   Business Planning

•   Operations Management

Explore the challenges and opportunities that Cardiff’s MBA programme me has to offer. Admission is highly competitive and is based on a number of factors: your fit within the programme me and potential contribution to a collegial learning environment, relevant work experience, leadership potential, letters of recommendation and a competitive GMAT score.

Cardiff School of Business incoopration with Cambridge English assessment. Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. Our unique approach encourages continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills.

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